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Compared to Bitcoin, HealthCoin Plus and other undercapitalized cryptocurrencies have a much greater chance of increasing immensely in value. HealthCoin ties into a multifaceted system which includes an application that allows you to earn HealthCoin for completing certain health-related goals. This platform ties in community and healthy initiatives while also making you money that you can purchase real goods and services with.

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Contact our team members to learn how to purchase HealthCoin and grow your cryptocurrency portfolio with a 3 trillion dollar health care market in the United States alone!  HealthCoin Plus is sponsored by HealthPoint Plus, the leader in Priority Primary Care as well as providing the 24/7 virtual doctor’s visits through the nation’s largest network of telehealth care. The company has seen growth of over 1,000% in its telehealth business and is planning an IPO for 4th quarter 2018. Pay for healthcare services from doctors and specialists within the HealthPoint Plus network and beyond in the very near future. 

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We’re offering a limited amount of HealthCoin Plus (HLTH) direct to customers today at just 20 cents per coin.  HLTH has recently traded at over $1.50 and we expect that over the next year the price will continue to increase as more and more healthcare businesses begin to accept HLTH.  

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